From The Atlantic: “The Art of Pot Packaging: Leafs by Snoop is using design to make marijuana appeal to upscale consumers”

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This article is republished from In my recent post, “Do Celebrity Marijuana Brands Matter?” I explain that in truth, marketing and branding marijuana is premature. Product churn rates are 100%, meaning there is little to no left over inventory, so one could ask what is the point of marketing for a product that sells out 100% every time? That said, as a marketing professional, I can’t gush enough about the aesthetic wonder that is Leafs by Snoop. Thank you, Pentagram for bringing top notch branding to cannabis.  I love the hand-written notes! 

By Katharine Schwab | November 18, 2015 |

Goodbye, plastic baggies: Snoop Dogg’s new line of marijuana products, Leafs by Snoop, looks like it’d be right at home amongst the artisanal chocolate bars at Whole Foods or the all-natural lotions at Kiehl’s. And that’s no surprise, considering that the packaging was created by the powerhouse design firm Pentagram.


The investment in design is about much more than pretty labels or distinctive branding. With four states’ legalization of recreational marijuana use, and medical marijuana now legal in 23 states, there’s an ever-increasing market for legal highs. The key goal for companies like Pentagram is making products seem accessible and appealing to customers who defy the stoner mold. Cheryl Shuman, a consultant who’s known as the “Martha Stewart of Marijuana Branding,” toldFast Company that “women are the secret to this whole thing. I’m a mom in my 50s, and I try to make products that women want to buy.” She calls successful women who smoke “stiletto stoners.”

ecause marijuana is a controlled substance, U.S. law requires that packaging must be opaque, resealable, and child-proof (edibles cannot be called “candy”), and THC content must be clearly labeled. Pentagram, and other new weed-specific branding companies are taking these requirements into account. Leafs by Snoop’s sweets, for example, are called Dogg Treats. (The brand sells cannabis flowers and concentrate, as well as edibles including chocolate bars and gummies. As of now, it’s only available in Colorado.)


The packaging for Leafs by Snoop products features clean lines, bold shapes, vibrant colors, and a distinctive logo—a bronze reproduction of the familiar cannabis leaf. But the brand stays true to its founder’s personality and ethos by incorporating some of his trademark slogans, including “smoke weed everyday,” “wake and bake,” and “puff puff pass.” The design strategy, in other words, is to hint at the product’s cultural history (and Snoop’s discerning taste) while also reaching out to more upscale consumers.

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