Marijuana Storage: One of the Next Big Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry

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By Claire Kaufmann | June 30, 2015

As I sit here before you, less than twenty-four hours before legalization comes to full fruition in my home state of Oregon, I am overcome with feelings of gratitude and excitement. I am grateful for all of the countless hours that thousands of Oregonians have contributed. I am also excited by the opportunities that lie ahead.

Lots of different kind of people, from television executives to creative directors ask me where to invest in cannabis today.  While it is true that there are lots of opportunities out there, I think that storage is a largely untapped market.

Why Storage is One of the Next Big Opportunities in the Marijuana Industry

With all the talk about growing pot, smoking it, eating it and vaping it, there has been little talk about where to actually put it. Up until now many people have settled for the infamous plastic baggy, and dispensaries top out design wise with tinted plastic pill bottles.
Because pot has been illegal, (and still is in most places,) storage has focused more on discretion – i.e. belts with stashed pockets, boxes with hidden compartments and so on.

Stoned-KidsFor me as a mom, I have bigger concerns – safety. Now that people have more marijuana in their homes, a shoebox will hardly suffice for secure storage.

In Oregon people will be allowed to grow four plants at home. Exactly where do they intend on putting it all? When you only have a small amount of cannabis in your house, it is easier to keep an eye on how much you have. Once you have larger and larger quantities around your house, it becomes harder and harder to tell if any has gone missing.


There are some companies beginning to explore this area. Cannador is way out in front with some of the best products on the market, but their products hold a small amount of product.

Cannador mirrors the humidor for cigars, positioning as storage for the cannabis connoisseur. While I think that is valuable, I think they are radically underestimating the market and could be finding more customers if they focused on security instead of flavor.  honeywellThe Cannabist did a great story on interesting storage options, suggesting Honeywell’s locked fire chest as a good option.  Of course, all of these options assume you want to hide your weed. Perhaps the era of discretion is coming to a close and you want to display your cannabis in the way you want to display your Kentucky Bourbon?

As a serial entrepreneur I have my own ideas, none of which I have time to pursue. To that end, I wish someone would invent a beautiful wall mounted shelf with a combination lock, that when you open it, it automatically snapped a picture of the person who opened it and sent it to my smart phone.  I also wish there was a place to store it, like a PO Box, a “weed bank” so to speak. I don’t know a lot of people who want pounds of marijuana around their house if they have kids and the law only allows up to 8 oz. legally.

There are many attractive investment options in cannabis today, but I feel that storage is a largely untapped market.

So, yeah. Storage. You heard it here first. Storage is set to be one of the next big opportunities in cannabis. Happy Independence Day, Oregonians! Puff, puff, pass, indeed.


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2 Responses to Marijuana Storage: One of the Next Big Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry

  1. Anthony says:

    “Cannador” – that is genius. Yet another one of those “I should’ve thought of that!” things.

    I also agree fully that cannabis storage will be big. People love having cool secret stash boxes for their stuff. It’ll be really interesting to see what kinds of stuff people come up with. I can already see it… decked out stash boxes with LEDs that play “Purple Haze” when you open them…

  2. Quinn says:

    This is perfect for storage already – keeps oxygen away – preserving it without those cheesy vacuum machines – you could also go w/ the glass one- but probably only if you keep it away from direct sunlight.

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