Make a Killer Pitch Deck Any Marijuana Investor Will Love

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By Claire Kaufmann | | July 15, 2014

In case you ever need a killer template for a pitch deck, I thought I would share mine.  I developed this deck for a pitch at an ArcView Angel Investor Conference in Seattle last year.  We were given five minutes each. The deck I’m outlining below is meant to go for five minutes sharp – with a lot of practice. You can tweak it any way you need to but the name of the game is brevity. Don’t include anything in your deck that you don’t need to actually close the sale. The rest is details. Okay, here is a simple outline for the perfect marijuana investor pitch deck:

1. Title Slide- this is your intro slide and the slide that people will actually see the most, other than your Q&A slide. Keep it clean, but juicy.  Before you go into the presentation just take a second to settle and to say “thank you” to the group for their time. (5 seconds)



2. Intro (1 Slide) – Info about you. I think just a picture is fine, you don’t need any text. If you have other members of your team, you’d put them here. Don’t tell them your life story, they don’t care. Just position yourself as the perfect person to run and grow the business you are pitching. (30 seconds) about me slide 3. The Concept and the Market Trends – (3-4 slides) The first part of the presentation should be explaining what it is that you are pitching. So many people forget to say what they are actually selling.  What is your (USP) unique selling proposition? If you have to explain a new market to investors, try not using words at all, but rather use infographics.  Use visual storytelling where ever possible.  Then prove that this product or service will sell by showcasing supporting data.  To get a lot of bang for your buck, overlay headlines and then put them under a graph.  It’s a way to say all “the market is going up” without being annoying about it. (90 seconds)the concept data_1_6          infographic_8_opportunity_watchers 4. The Vision – (2-3 Slides) Go back to the product and or the service you are trying to pitch. Now is the time to hit them again with all of the beautiful images you have but this time talk about user experience. Explain how the person would use the product or service. (90 seconds)

make your product beautiful_10

make your product beautiful_9

5.  The Ask – (1 slide) I am not including those here because they are confidential. (15 seconds)

6. Financial Projections – (1 slide) I am not including those here because they are confidential. (30 seconds)

7., 8., 9.  Take-Aways – (3 Slides) Create three take-aways from the presentation. Review them clearly one by one, with nice simple graphics. (15 seconds each or 45 seconds total)


10. Question and Answer – Don’t forget to think about this page! Make it clean and beautiful and put your contact information on it! (Which I clearly forgot to do.)



I know when I was getting started, I wish I’d had a template like this to build from. If you don’t have much business experience, this should help you understand the flow of how to put together a pitch. If you have further ideas, please share them below:

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    This is fantastic. Stumbled across your blog and love it. Thanks for sharing!

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