Sweet Grass Kitchen is Down-Home, Craft-Batch Delicious Design #modernmarijuana

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September 11, 2014

I love the craft cannabis aesthetic and no one does it better than Sweet Grass Kitchen.   Sweet Grass Kitchen is a Colorado company that produces high-end, small-batch, cannabis-infused baked goods.   Yes, it is true that unfortunately I have not been able to taste one of their “triple-filtered, seventy-two-hour, sweet leaf cannabutter” cookies (yet), but I have been fortunate enough to sample their packaging.  I think Sweet Grass Kitchen is a true standout cannabis brand.  Their look is modern and clean, but it still remains approachable and honest. And, of course, their logo is brilliantly equipped for sharing, and would work as almost any social media icon. (You’d be surprised how many companies don’t think about that during logo design.)

Sweet Grass Kitchen













Sweet Grass Kitchen represents everything that a modern marijuana should be.  It is accessible to both men and women, it is clean and buttoned-up, and from a branding perspective, it is designed with growth in mind. With their state-wide distribution and versatile packaging, they could easily expand nationally if given the chance.  (That is, of course, if they aren’t acquired first.)

I am so thrilled that modern marijuana brands like Sweet Grass Kitchen are finally getting some much deserved press.  Just recently renowned marijuana columnist Christopher  the Washington Post!  Three cheers (errr…bites) for Sweet Grass Kitchen!

Thank you, Sweet Grass for being a shining example of a #modernmarijuana brand.

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